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Verified Supplier
Based on years of profound knowledge and eputation of the international trade, Canton Fair Trading has been dedicated to helping buyers source more confidently in China. Today, we offer comprehensive supplier verification services to help you reduce your sourcing risk.
Verified Suppliers
Suppliers have passed authentication and verification inspection on all legal business licenses and contact persons by Canton Fair Trading's team.
CFS Supplier
CFS, Global Supplier of Canton Fair import & Export Trading Platform, is a verification standard distinguishing quality Chinese suppliers. Personnel from Canton Fair Trading visit suppliers' premises to verify their production facilities, capabilities, product quality, brand eputation and so on.    Learn More >>
CFS Verified Report
Canton Fair Trading offers the most complete verified report of CFS supplier to global buyers, and enable buyers to check them immediately by searching their report No. or company name. Meanwhile, buyers can contact with their private sourcing assistant to get suppliers' report details on all company information.

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