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Ohmax LED grow light, your choice for maximum yield

Ohmax LED grow light, your choice for maximum yield


LED grow light belongs to new generation grow and assistant grow light for plants. The big difference compared with traditional grow light, whether HPS, fluorescent or other kinds, is that LED grow light can provide plants special requirement for different light wavelength and light intensity in their different grow phases.


For years, a lot of research is done about the effectiveness of LED grow light. Much progress has been achieved. It’s a trend that LED grow light as a new light source is people’s choice for future green agriculture.


Ohmax Lighting as a specialist in LED grow light field is committed to designing new and functional grow light also providing planting solution for growers.


Recently, Ohmax has gained a big success in lettuce growing. Here we’d like to share our experiment below:


The experiment is done by using Ohmax LED grow light and Philips T5 HO.


Plant: Lettuce


Grow Light used in test: Ohmax LED grow light and Philips T5 HO.


Seeding Phase


LED Grow Lights (36w * 4)   T5HE (28w * 8)


Growing Phase


LED Grow Lights (36w * 4)   T5HO (54w * 8)


Planting Method: Aeroponics


Growing Area: 600mm * 1200mm


Pictures can be found below:

Seedling phase


  T5HE - day 14                                                   LED - Day 14

Growing phase


T5HO - Day 1                                                        LED - Day 1


T5HO - Day 10                                                     LED - Day 10


T5HO - Day 20                                                    LED - Day 20

Lettuce under Ohmax LED grow light grows faster and better than under T5 HO.Also, it tastes fresh, sweeter.


During seedling phase, it saves 30% electricity by using LED grow light than T5.

Saving 60% electricity during growing phase.


The growing circle is shortened 5 days than normal growing.


Lettuce growing results by Ohmax grow light:


Faster! Sweeter! Crunchier! More Economical!


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