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The best way to meet lots of pre-matched manufacturers at one tailor-made event
What is Big Buyer Channel?
Big Buyer Channel is a very efficient way to bring quality buyers and suppliers together to provide opportunities for them to build long-term relationships.
You can get
  • Numerous qualified and verified pre-selected suppliers
  • Face-to-face discussion
  • The newest Samples based on your requirements
  • Excellent meeting space without any expenses
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Sourcing Event Review of Brazilian ChinaInvest Business Delegation
On 15th April, the 113th Canton Fair opened grandly. As one of the BRICS, Brazil was stimulated by the 2014 football World Cup and 2016 Olympic Games, and the needs of procurement continued increasing in recent years.
Sourcing Event Review of Brazilian W. INTEX Business Delegation
The meeting marked the beginning of the cooperation between Cantonfairtrading.com and W. Intex International Group.
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Get sourcing information and trends about the latest China wholesale products and high quality manufacturers.
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What can you expect from Canton Fair Trading? Listen to their successful voice in China
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