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Won mutual trust in factory tour

Under our precise match, Guangzhou DaDi Hardware Rattan Industry Co., Ltd. won his favorites.

Precise matching helped unpopular industries’ buyers to find ideal suppliers

With our sourcing assistant, the buyer, Ramesh Shah was matched with our suppliers.In the subsequent arranged purchasing meetings and factory investigations

The buyer would investigate the factory again next month

The buyer immediately hoped to be the exclusive agency in Bengal, and expressed that they would come to China to negotiate this project next time.

A series factory tours helped buyer find the ideal supplier

United Kingdom:
During our arranged factory tours, the suppliers shown their outstanding quality, and introduced the large-scale star hotels that cooperated in the domestic and oversea

Matching service brought full fruits

During the Canton Fair, Ahmed Fouad, the Egypt buyer investigated the supplier’s factory for two times,

What are Factory Tour?

Tailored Factory Tour , offered by to global buyers, is a popular offline service to deepen mutual understanding and trust. Accompanied by our sourcing assistant, buyers can visit deep into factory to learn about real production environment of suppliers.

Benefits for You:
Improved Effectiveness Right products, face-to-face discussion and factory inspection in a single event Unparalleled Access Gain greater access to samples and supplier information Reduced Risk Free with professional guidance and point to point pick up
Buyer's Voice
What can you expect from Canton Fair Trading? Listen to their successful voice in China.

The certification means guarantee.
Sourcing Assistant
Focus on providing tailor-made sourcing service and make you sourcing in China easer!

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Suyi Weng
I do the good service in Canton Fair.
   Bobo Zhu
The most professional fair guide.
   Josephine Lee
I'm a sincere assistant and friend of buyer.
   Jasmine Peng
I find the perfect solution of sourcing for my buyer.
   Funny Lu
I find the perfect solution of sourcing for my buyer